Wednesday, September 5, 2007

so many choices, so little time...

hmm. well. it has been an interesting week sofar to say the least. so on monday, i was pumped to finally go and play some bball. its definitely been a while but i was excited to throw on the jordans and shoot some ball with the aussie girls. so it wasn't exactly what i had expected because I was just expecting some good 'ol fashioned pick up but it was actually their practice. they were of course EXTREMELY nice and just threw me in there with everyone else. there were 8 other girls there and i guess there are 9 total, so i met the whole squad which was cool. after practice, we were stretching and such and having a "team" chat and what not and they asked me if i wanted to go with them to Uni games on the Gold Coast! YES, crazy i know. Now, i have heard of Uni games because a bunch of the rowers are going so i knew exactly what they were talking about but I wanted to be like, "i sucked today, why do you want me?" Uni games takes place the second week of mid-semester break and I am already going to be in brisbane so i am currently debating on what to do.

there are plus and minuses to both sides of the situation to whether I stay with Monica and Alycia in Brisbane for the week or whether I go to the Gold Coast from Tues-Friday and then hang out with Monica and Alycia on From Saturday-Monday. me and this conscience of mind have been doing a lot of battling lately because I don't want to be a lame friend and back out on Monica and alycia even though they have given me the ok to do so. but thats really not me. however, this is the opportunity of a lifetime and when will i ever be able to say again that I played basketball in the Australian University games! So, I think i have made my choice...but i'm still not quite sure. Until I actually pay that deposit, it won't be final but I will keep you updated. Or better yet, let me know what you think I should do! OH, but i think the most brilliant idea is for Monica and Alycia to come with ME to the Gold Coast because supposedly its cooler down there anyways and a bunch of our fellow IESers will be making their way there too throughout the course of the week. so maybe, i'll be able to have it both ways...which would be perfect.

so the week sofar besides that has been prettydull. i have a test tomorrow and a big paper next week so that has been consuming all of my time. no fun. it is crazy weird because i am pretty much in our equivalent of midterms and all of my gdub friends and most of you all for that point are JUST starting classes. CRAZY. I can't believe Tasmania is less then two weeks away as is middle of the semester. which isn't really the middle of the semester because after we get back, i will only have 1,2,3,FOUR weeks of class left. what a crazy wonderful life i lead.

the weirdest thing this week has been keeping track of everyone on facebook going back to school and especially gdub. i got used to this whole being abroad thing but then when everyone has been posting new pictures and all that stuff and going to class(gdub just had their first day!), has pretty much put this whole being abroad thing into perspective. and although i am sure that all of my friends wherever they maybe are going to have a most amazing time studying abroad; i couldn't not be happier with my decision to come to australia for numerous reasons but a big one being is that i am here for 5 months. i have already been here for 2 months, i don't know what i would do if i had to leave again in a month. so yea. i'm sure you're pretty sick of hearing me talk about how much i love it here...but i do.

well, i must be going now to study for the rest of the evening! yay me! but i'm just thinking two weeks from now...i'll be chillin' out in TASSY.

actually one more thing. this week is elections here on campus, so it has been really interesting to see how they do their student elections. its much different from Gdub (then again, every school is MUCH different from Gdub), but there student government is more associated with the actual government and world issues then i expected. they are not as concerned with the actual "student" problems rather they are concerned with protesting Wars and the education system in Australia as a whole (among other things). This will probably be the first and last time that i say that I prefer Gdub's crazy and insane Student association to another university's student government. I think that it is good that the aussies are very concerned with world politics and current world situations but I also believe that those issues are separate and should remain separate from "student" affairs and representation. Similarly to Gdub, they harass you and hand stuff out to you wherever you go. However, they do not have the same wonderful poster artwork on each and every building nor do they give out cool free stuff and food. a step down from elections gdub style.

thats it for now! until next time (tomorrow after my test). CHEERS!

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