Sunday, September 2, 2007

thank heaven for seven eleven

well, not really. but one thing that i don't think i ever told you is how many gosh darn seven elevens in melbourne. they're not on every street corner because there are more than that. heaps i tell you. heaps. on a smaller block, you'll probably have about three and lets not even get me started on the main streets downtown. i'm pretty sure that there are more seven elevens here then there are in the state of new york as a whole. in this one city. and i have no doubt that the number in australia far outnumbers the number in the states. but thats neither here or there. well, at least i know that as the weather continues to break that a slurpee will be easily accessible.

and yes, the weather is beginning to break which is wonderful. but i have referenced that previously. now, we are officially into spring and its wonderful! i don't think i've ever been this happy despite my upcoming tests and papers. so lets recap after my wonderous fall into the yarra on wednesday.

the rest of wednesday was good...pretty much just getting work done and going to classes. we stayed in pretty much all week long until saturday...but i will get there. oh, but tuesday night we had an IES dinner with Liz and Luke and it was awesome. we got to hear about all of the amazing things we are doing in Tasmania for the first week of mid-semester break which is rapidly approaching! two weeks I cant wait...we're doing things from biking down a mountain to white water rafting to cadbury chocolate factory. so it might just be one of the best weeks of my life and i cant wait.

thursday and friday were just basically more class and more work. friday night was actually a lot of fun though. love actually came on to one of our 5 australian tv stations so all of the girls came over and we had an official movie night full of desserts and wonderous laughs. we watched hairspray (illegally) afterwards and it was equally as great. so all in all, it was a fantastic friday ( I also was very very productive throughout the day).

saturday morning, leah, siobhan, anna and I went to the newman vs. st. mary's girls footy game to watch kristen and alycia play and that was a lot of fun. they both played really well and it was so exciting to see your own friends partake in a wonderous game of australian football. we later actually went to a pro footy game, which we only stayed til halftime but it was good because i finally got to go to MCG! so that was got me really excited for the soccer game in two weeks-> australia vs. argentina. the MCG seats about 100,000 people and the game is sold out and we have tickets!!! so its gonna be awesome and i cant wait!

saturday evening, siobhan, alycia and I went to see this aussie band play at a club in richmond. alycia had actually heard the band in the states so she turned us onto them and i was a little skeptical at first but it was awesome. definitely one of my new favorite bands...there called the Lucksmiths and supposedly they've actually been around since the early 90's. they're pretty world reknown too...they do world tours all the time and theyre actually going to the states in a couple of weeks! all my gdub friends, they're going to be in DC so look them up and go to the concert. if you like guster, you'll love them...they're pretty much the australian equivalent. one of the coolest things about the show is the lead singer/drummer. because he's the lead singer as well as drummer he drums standing up. so that was awesome since i've never seen someone play standing up before! sooo good.

today was another productive work day as well as i made it to the gym and then went to church. i absolutely love this church already and it was only my second week there! i'm kinda bummed though because i wont be able to go for the next two weeks (since i'll be gone on vaca), but today was their live album recording and it was unbelievable. just non-stop praise & worship for an hour and half which is honestly, just what i needed. absolutely perfect. i cant wait to get more involved in the next few weeks. they love god soo much and really really let loose and praise and worship god. they are also soooo nice. so yeah. another thing that has made me fall in love with this place.

so now im just hanging out and getting ready to get back to work. we dont have rowing this week (officially) because the coaches and a bunch of the girls are in new zealand for this big youth cup race. so thats pretty sweet for them. so, i shall get back to you later in the week...or perhaps tomorrow if something awesome happens...which is always likely. until then, Cheers!

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