Monday, July 30, 2007

capsicum= pepper...

so i wasn't quite prepared for all the random different words in australian english versus american english...but many do exist and although they at first take you off guard, you eventually begin to get the jist and understand what is what. like a capsicum = pepper and a mandarin= clementine (because they dont officially grow clementines here...) so yes. small but yet important differences which become particulary useful when you are trying to purchase food at the market. oh, but this "capsicum" thing got me thinking. i guess they only refer to our equivalent of a bell pepper which is good...because then i started wondering, would there be such a thing as black capsicum (Black pepper) or would you have grounded black capsicum in your seasoning cabinet...they need to be more descriptive about these things.

anyways the past week has been pretty pretty good. wednesday night we went out to this pub called Prince Alfred's but the aussies just refer to it as dirty P.A.'s. it really wasnt that dirty for most of the was actually a lot of fun. we met some cool aussies and after we got there and for the duration of the night there was a long line to get in. it was awfully strange. it really wasn't a place that I would ever wait to get into...but what ya gonna do? oh, and it eventually did become a little dirty when the crowd shifted from uni kids to a strange older crowd. but the place was big enough that you only had to brush shoulders with the awkward crowd when attempting to make it to the bathroom. overall, a fun night. and who doesn't love new aussie friends...

thursday there was class. which was fine. and then we stayed in...monica came up and we proceeded to eat lots of cadburry chocolate (SO ADDICTING) and watch 6 episodes of sex & the city. it was a pretty awesome evening. and im not being sarcastic at all. friday i had 1 class which was fine. half way across the world and i still cant get rid of these friday classes. they just seem to be attracted to me or something. anyways...siobhan and I then went shopping and walking around the city for the afternoon. we both picked up a couple of things and found the 5th avenue of melbourne which was pretty sweet. we also found some interesting and cool alleyways (this city is filled with them) so it was overall a very nice little afternoon on the town.

friday night is when things sorta got interesting. so andy and louis found this club to go to and so we all trekked into the city to go there. now, if you know know that i dont believe in paying to go into clubs. i dont therefore i feel no need to pay to go anywhere ESPECIALLY in this city when mostly every other club, pub or bar is free. so, we get to this club which is in an alley off of an alley (its a little crazy, i know) and they want us to pay an $8.00 cover. now, this is fine...but i had no intentions of paying anything...i didnt even bring money out with me because i wasnt paying to get in anywhere. siobhan and i had the same feelings. so we left. the boys stayed (which we wanted them too) but we bounced and found our way to COOKIE, a sweet rooftop bar/club place. 'lo and behold we ran into some friends there and ended up hanging out with them for the night and went to this other club called Euro Trash (in which we pretty much just sat around, chilled out and observed the interesting style of Aussie Dance). but it was good night. solid.

saturday we went on adventure. it was great. so I'm all about seeing all the sites that this city has to offer because lets be serious...when will i be able to again? so we decided to take a field trip to the Shrine of Remembrance (the melbourne equivalent of the WWII memorial, washington monument...etc). it was me, siobhan, monica, alycia, kristen and andrew and it was an awesome trip. we walked there...a nice long 45 minute hike but it was definitely worth it and we took numerous pictures on the way there and once we got there. it was a gorgeous piece of history that everyone was stoked that we got to see. our parents would've been proud. saturday night it just ended up being me, siobhan and kristen chilling out at puggs just talking. it was a nice mellow evening.

sunday, i went to church. finally. although it was an interesting experience (it was VERY VERY asian), it was good just to be at church again with other people who believe what i believe. i really just needed that. so it was a successful sunday morning. i then proceeded to do laundry and work for the rest of the day before our wonderful IES family dinner on sunday night...potluck style. it was delicious and awesome. its going to be a weekly event.

yesterday there was school again. im thinking one of these days...i wont have to go to class anymore but school here is nice. im not complaining. but last night we had an event at the village so kristen, alyica and andrew came over and hung out for a while before and then we made our way downstairs...met some more people who live in the village and just hung out. it was a very nice evening that didnt require a lot of im always down for that. oh wow. i almost forgot the most exciting thing about yesterday. I ROWED. yes! finally. so i dragged myself out of bed at 10 minutes to 5 (yes, in the morning) and ran my little butt down to the river to find the boathouse. it was raining. but it was perfect. everyone seems nice sofar and although the row was pretty awful, it was nice to be back in a boat again...on the water. the aussies are fun and im looking forward to rowing more with them. its nice because rowing here is very casual so they only practice twice a week which is PERFECT for me so yea, im stoked.

alright. that leads to today. pretty uneventful sofar. and i think its going to be one of those days but im content with that. im very very very sore from yesterday but i will try and eventually make my way down to the gym later this afternoon. perhaps. but i'm going to get some reading and work done (aka probably take a nap) and see what the afternoon brings. so thats all for now. will post in a few days. g'day mate!

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