Friday, August 10, 2007

late night dinner or early morning breakfast?

so. i just thought i would drop a few quick notes on some observations i've had throughout the day before i forget.

so today, we went on our infamous friday adventures and today we went to St. Paul's Cathedral and the National Gallery of Victoria. we had originally planned to go to Cook's Cottage and the Fitzroy Gardens but the weather didn't look promising, so we decided to save that for a more pleasant spring day when the flowers will be in full bloom (a few weeks). so, the cathedral was gorgeous and I will post pictures as soon as I upload them to my computer and the NGIV was pretty sweet too. we really wanted to see the Guggenheim exhibit at the NGIV but it costs we decided to opt out of that and just explore other parts of the museum. architecturally, the museum is similar to a MOMA but the art is more of a cross between MOMA and the Met on a much much much smaller scale than both. But, it is their pride & joy here and its a very nice museum...if I do say so myself.

last night, we went to puggs and it was a blast. it was great to see a bunch of friends who I hadn't seen in a couple of weeks and it once returned to the perfect crowd where you could dance around with your friends but not awkwardly rub up on people who you didn't know by simply walking on the dance floor. awesome night.

so tonight, siobhan & i just got back from seeing SICKO which I definitely recommend everyone going to see no matter how you feel about Michael Moore...its just a good movie. much better than Farenheit 9/11 and it definitely doesn't have those biases...its just the facts...witty and amusing. so go see it. but as we were walking back on Lygon street(Little Italy of Melbourne) at 12:00 pm, the street was still bustling with people (which is expected) but there were also still people eating dinner. at 12 pm. its very odd. very very odd. it wasn't even that people we're packing up and getting ready to go home, people had just received their entrees and some had just received their appetizers. at midnight. it is very different from DC because at this time, everything in DC besides fast food/delivery places are closed but i'm talking about restaurants...very very good restaurants are open and don't look like their closing any time soon. i'm now intrigued to find out when these establishments do close...if ever. so yes, people eat full meals at very strange times here. i know in Europe and other countries around the world its custom to eat dinner at 10 pm, but midnight i personally think is pushing it a little. how do they sleep after that? if you eat dinner at midnight, then you would at least have to wait until 2 or 3 pm to go to bed...because aussies are very a very thin people so im sure that they aren't going to bed on full stomachs. you cant help but to ask if they're having a late night dinner or any early morning breakfast. it almost makes sense because if they don't eat dinner until midnight, then you don't have to eat breakfast in the morning and can just skip onto lunch at noon. but either way you put it, its different and i think its a little on the strange side. i'm sure as i am writing this post there are more people hanging out on Lygon, sipping their long blacks, and indulging in their italian entrees. so yes, eating in general is much different here...because i wont even get started on Vegemite.

because honestly, how does a country come up with the most delicious cookie known to man in a TimTam and the most awful tasting yeast paste in Vegemite. its a strange strange world we live in...

so thats it for now. i think i'm going to post like this more often because there are always differences that i observe and store away in my mind to write about...but then i forget what they are. so as soon as i think of something i'm going to post it. get ready. its going to be insanee. until then...cheers!

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