Monday, August 20, 2007

oh, heyyyy best day ever.

so sunday was the best day ever, but i'll get back to that.

thursday night all the girls came over and we had a wonderous movie night. alycia made her famous haystacks (lots & lots of fiber) and we just chilled out and watched "rumor has it". although we should all probably never watch a movie together again (because all we did is talk), we will have many more to come because hanging out with the girls is always a great time. friday and saturday i spent pent up in my room writing my first paper. eeeek. but i handed it in today, yay and i think it was pretty good. oh, on friday before i locked myself in the room...i had lunch with anna which was great. i love that the friendships that i have with my ies group is real.

a couple of interesting differences for you to dwell on...
so first, some of your classes switch professors...actually most do. and some switch more than once! its crazy! i guess the thinking here is that you have the professors teach their specialty...its a really interesting system and its actually much better because you know that whoever is teaching/lecturing to you...they actually really really really know what they're talking about. but yea, thats different.

secondly, this one isnt really a difference just something insane. so last week at uni, was prosh week. i still dont know what it means...but what it means to me, is a lot of naked people. lots and lots of naked people. in the beginning of the week, i was just sitting in my genetics lecture and all of a sudden the doors slam open and here comes "borat". there was a huge intense skit (that they were taping) of borat and there were naked guys at some point. it was a little insane. hilarious, but a little insane. the craziest part, is that the professors are used to it (i guess it happens every year), so they just go a long with it. after the skit left, my genetics professor told us how during one of her lectures, an entire boys footy team came down the aisles, in their birthday suits and proceeded to surround her and sing songs (drunk). so yea, stuff like this would never fly in the US. not only would you get suspended, but you would get arrested. but they don't care here...i guess there also much more secure with their sexuality or something? oh, but yea. the nudity didn't stop there. there was nude chocolate wrestling, the nude olympics, lots and lots of nude streaking (in the library and all around campus). so yea.

now onto the best day ever. so yesterday, we went to phillip island which is about 1.5 hrs south east of melbourne. it is known for its penguin parade at night, when hundreds of fairy penguins come out of the water and onto the beach. so that was our primary reason for going but the day ended up being much more amazing then that.

so before we got to phillip island, we stopped at San Remo (the town right before you cross the bridge). our guide, Stephan, told us that we had 50 minutes to do whatever...and we were all a little confused to why we had so much time but he knew what he was doing. San remo is right on the port phillip bay and by the water there were tons and tons of pelicans. it was awesome. they were huge and you could get soooo close to them.
we also a saw Steve Irwin's killer, the sting ray and that was insane as well. it was probably 4-5 feet wide.

so, then we crossed the bridge and went to the island and went to this awesome beach. the beach was called warribee (?) beach and it was gorgeous. the coastline was unbelievable and the swells were awesome. if i surfed, it would've been ridiculous. there were lots of surfers out there, but they told us that there are great white sharks in the ocean but supposedly, there have never been any attacks. so, we went on a hike up and around the beach and saw some amazing views along with these insane rock formations. unbelievable. however, we also understood that if we had a bad weather day (ours was perfect), it could have been an unpleasurable experience.

after the beach, we went to the koala sanctuary. we hung out with the koalas for awhile which was pretty sweet. do you know they sleep for 20 hours a day. that means that 5/6 of their lifetime is spent sleeping. crazy, huh?

then we went to Cowes, a little townships by the beach on the island to eat lunch. we found this awesome spot with great views right next to the ocean and it was another opportunity to take tons and tons of pictures. it was gorgeous. our ies family was so cute because we all sat at this picnic table and had lunch together. how cute, i know. we then went down to these cool rocks that were on the beach and took more pictures. obviously.

following lunch, we went to the wildlife sanctuary which was AWESOME. we basically got to run and around and feed the kangaroos and emus which was insaneee. the kangaroos were a little greedy but they were really cool and adorbale. there were hundreds of them (and wallabies too), and they just kept coming up to you. there were also tons with joeys so that was cool too. so yea, we did that for at least an hour. amazing. the emus were pretty vicious...more so with each other than with us. once you would feed one of them, the others would come out of nowhere and attack the poor guy. but there a pretty intense animal. pretty ugly too. we saw a bunch of other things...but those were really the coolest and most insane experiences.

after that, we headed to the place where the nobbies (seals) were supposed to be...but unfortunately we didn't get to see any. however, the view was unbelievable and the sunset was like nothing i have ever seen before. it was unbelievable. words can't really do it justice.

then it was off to the penguin parade which was pretty cool. we didn't have a lot of penguins...not as much as we wouldve hoped for but it was still pretty sweet. they were so tiny (the size of your forearm) and were so cute. we weren't allowed to take pictures because we heard that the flash burns their retina? not sure of how true that is, but we weren't allowed to take pictures. but all in all, i wasn't dissapointed.

on the way home, we sang numerous songs to Stephan's amazing playlist and it was great. it was the perfect ending to the perfect day.

thats it for now...i will probably be posting something tomorrow or wednesday. im not quite sure what we are doing tonight...maybe just next door to the turf club at some point. siobhan's mom and sister came in today so that has been very exciting. i haven't rowed in a week and a half so that sucks because my back sucks...but i'm going to try really really hard to get down there on wednesday. i need to get down there on wednesday.

well until next time. cheers mate!

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